hypnobirthing where the mountains meet the sea

Hypnobirthing where the mountains meet the sea

Welcome to your perfect pregnancy retreat; education, skills and support between the mountains and the sea.

A structured course for women and their birth partners that will provide; education and rich practical skill development.

Hello and welcome!

I'm Jillian, founder of The Baby Lady with over 32 years experience as a health professional. I am a qualified hypnobirthing teacher with a background in nursing, as a midwife specialist in education and consultant therapist.

My hypnobirthing retreats aim to offer you support, empowerment, education and coping strategies to prepare you (and your birth partner) for the safe arrival of your baby.

The hypnobirthing weekend course runs between 10:00am and 4:00pm on the Saturday and Sunday, you will also have some free time to explore the local area of outstanding natural beauty that is Criccieth on the Llŷn peninsula in North Wales - we are just a 5 minute walk from the beach, local shops and restaurants.

What will you learn?

Hypnobirthing classes are intended to help you have the most natural childbirth possible, using self hypnosis, breathing techniques and active birth yoga positions.

The course content is based around birth choices, Active birth, pregnancy yoga, breathing 4 birth, hypnobirthing and early transition to parenting. Ongoing practical support and advice is available.

During the course you will learn and practice the following:

  • Hypnobirthing

  • Working knowledge of what your body is doing during this journey and why

  • Active birth session

  • Choices in place to birth your baby

  • Positioning, how to encourage your baby to get into the best position for birth

  • Introduction to meditation

  • Learn effective, simple breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Massage, the power of touch

  • Confidence in how to recognise when labour has commenced and the latent phase

  • When to contact Midwife & when to go to your chosen birthing unit

  • Coping strategies for labour and birthing your baby

  • Partnership working

  • Saying hello to your baby

  • Skin 2 Skin contact

  • Routine and coping strategies to being new parents

"Jillian was amazing pre-birth and beyond. She has a way to make you feel really relaxed and calm. I took part in her pregnancy yoga, baby massage and also had a 1:1 support session post baby. Each class was small in number and so, catered to the individuals attending. It felt personal and was the part of my week I most looked forward to. I trust her implicitly and cannot recommend her highly enough."

~ Lorraine

Weekend Plan


  • Check-in from 4:00pm

  • Free time to explore the area

  • Optional complimentary relaxation session at 8:00pm

You will also have the opportunity to book a complimentary private consultation with me during the weekend so that I can answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


  • Optional complimentary Pregnancy Yoga Chi Chung session at 8:30am

  • Breakfast

  • Course 10:00am - 12:00pm

  • Lunch

  • Course 2:00pm - 4:00pm

  • Free time


  • Breakfast

  • Course from 10:00am - 12:00pm

  • Lunch

  • Course from 2:00pm - 4:00pm

  • Check-out

Hypnobirthing Course Dates and Details

Hypnobirthing Weekend Retreats Course

Residential: £350 per couple
Castle View en-suite £400 per couple
Non-residential £250 per couple

Upcoming Course Dates:

September 2019
Check-in Friday 27th for course on Saturday 28th / Sunday 29th

November 2019
Check-in Friday 29th for course on Saturday 30th / Sunday 1st December

January 2020
Check-in Friday 24th for course on Saturday 25th / Sunday 26th

March 2020
Check-in Friday 27th for course on Saturday 28th / Sunday 29th.

"Keep calm, relax your body as much as you can, go with the flow, breathing with each contraction a longer breath out than breath in. Each contraction will bring your daughter closer to your arms and heart 💕💫✨ Easy, gently softly 💕Easy Gentle Softly ✨Easy Gently Softly💫" That was what Jill wrote me on a day of giving birth to my child (it was around 12 am and around 1am we were already on our way to hospital)..."


Hello and welcome!

I'm Jillian, founder of The Baby Lady with over 32 years experience as a nurse, midwife and lecturer within the health service.

I am a passionate advocate of empowering women and supporting couples. The Baby Lady was conceived in 1997 to offer holistic support and education services for women, couples and groups. From 2019 I will be offering a unique opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and educational residential retreat on the North Wales coast where the mountains meet the sea.

The Baby Lady

I combine my previous roles as a Midwife Specialist in Health Education and facilitation, Lecturer in Midwifery and a Consultant Therapist to offer support, empowerment, education and coping strategies for pregnant couples through to new families.

The Baby Lady offers person-centered individual & couple coaching sessions (prices on request).
These Therapeutic sessions include:

"After an off plan birth first time around, Jillian helped me to achieve an straightforward, quick homebirth second, third and fourth time. She subsequently supported me in my journey to become a midwife and has been a supportive friend for the last 19 years. One amazing, special lady. I can’t recommend enough."


Welcome to The Baby Lady

The Baby Lady is a unique Pregnancy & Parenting concept developed by me, Jillian Lawrence.

It combines my skills as a Midwife Specialist in Education and Consultant Therapist to offer support, empowerment, education and coping strategies for pregnant couples through to new families. The Baby Lady offers person centred individual and couple coaching sessions and informal fun maternity & parenting courses.

"Jillian was involved in the care of me and my baby after the birth of my 3rd child over 20 years ago and has remained a friend . Her professionalism & caring persona shone throughout. She has continued to build on her experiences & abilities since then."


Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Coaching

This unique consultant coaching service supports both mothers and partners through the unknown territory of pregnancy, coaching and preparation for birth and the life changing experience of parenting.

Advice and support around feeding and sleeping.

Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy & Birth

Hypnotherapy is excellent for preparing for both labour and birth. It combines visualisation, effective breathing techniques and positive suggestion.

Hypnotherapy bypasses the busy analytical conscious mind and taps into the ‘old brain’, the subconscious state. Although in a deeply relaxing state you are always in control, unlike stage hypnotherapy; no barking like a dog!

I have been a practicing midwife since 1985 and a fully qualified Registered Hypnotherapist since 1999. I have extended this service with great success to include infertility, pre-conceptual care, sexuality, parenting, pregnancy-related issues & birthing experiences such as past trauma, baby and pregnancy loss.

Hypnotherapy is offered during effective and empowering 1-to-1 consultations in a safe environment.


If you are feeling weighed down with worries, negative thoughts and anxiety then it may be a life-saver for you. Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting can be a difficult journey for some.

The provision of a safe supportive environment with an empathetic listening ear can be empowering and liberating.

As a trained therapist I follow an integrative style of counselling. From my experience I have found that clients benefit most from a variety of different approaches and styles.

Whether a Mother or a Father, contemplating a pregnancy, having infertility treatment, or becoming a family, wherever you are in your journey I am able to walk with you for a while.


Kinesiology is muscle testing and is a powerful tool to demonstrate the power of positive thinking.

Kinesiology is incredibly useful in helping women to find their unique positive affirmation or mantra for labour and childbirth. The techniques also identifies the most effective breathing pattern for individual women to maximise success for pain relief and coping strategies.

I have been using Kinesiology for over 30 years both within group preparation classes, with couples and individual client-centred sessions. The results are amazing!


Reiki is so gentle, calming and relaxing, it is perfect for pregnant women, new mums and babies.
Reiki is a subtle gentle healing technique which releases blocked energy to create a state of harmony, balance and deep relaxation.

I became a Reiki Healer in 1996. As a Midwife Therapist and Reiki Master I have had the honour of attuning pregnant women into the art of Reiki Healing. This simple yet powerful process can be learnt by anyone. Mother and Father can treat each other and baby too!

Indian Head Massage

I have travelled to India to continue my professional development.

This ancient Ayuredic form of healing is incredibly relaxing, “the ultimate chill pill for busy pregnant women and mums”.

An Indian Head Massage incorporates not only massage of the head, but also the face, neck, shoulders and upper arms, focussing on the muscles most commonly affected by stress.

The technique stimulates the circulation, releases muscle tension and improves the lymphatic drainage thus removing toxins.

I completed my training in 1998 and have delivered several training sessions to both Midwives and mothers.

This therapy is suitable for a half session to re-charge ones batteries and makes a perfect gift for a pregnant woman or a new mum.

Training is available for couples to learn to give and experience receiving the ultimate in relaxation, Indian Head Massage!

Bach Flower Remedies for Pregnancy & Birth

Bach Flower remedies are useful to restore a state of equilibrium into ones life by gently removing any negative states of mind and restoring a positive outlook. Bach Flower Remedies can help us to live emotionally healthy lives, to cope with the stress and strain of everyday living and the extra demands that pregnancy, labour and parenting throws our way.

Bach Flower Remedies are so gentle that they are suitable for pregnant women, women in labour and newly delivered mothers and babies. I used these remedies myself during first pregnancy and labour 30 years ago.

Under laboratory testing the remedies appear to contain only mineral water and a trace of brandy as they are homeopathic in design. It is the subtle energy of the plant or flower that makes these remedies so effective.

I completed the Bach Flower Practitioner training in 1998 following attendance of specific training on Bach Flower Remedies in Midwifery in 1997. One-to-one consultations are available, or you can book a workshop.


Therapies are available on a 1-to-1 basis.

Wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic, a full back, shoulder and neck massage is excellent for pregnant women.

Posture changes dramatically thought out pregnancy and carrying the extra weight of a growing baby often comes with aches and pains.

A full body massage for a new mum is an ultimate treat, giving therapeutic benefits and valuable time at relaxation.

Swollen feet and ankles respond very well to foot and leg massage and combined with Reflexology in the later stage of pregnancy will give a duel therapeutic input.


Therapies are available on a 1-to-1 basis.

Reflexology is a holistic healing therapy promoting the body to heal itself. It is extremely effective in cases of stress, tension and tiredness.

Reflexology, coupled with a foot and leg massage is an excellent therapy for pregnant women and makes a thoughtful gift.

Reflexology is used by many women to support a natural induction for labour.

Hypnobirthing Classes

Hypnobirthing - This is a complete antenatal education package. The course promotes a calm gentle birthing process beneficial for both mother and baby. You will learn easy to use breathing techniques, relaxation, simple self hypnosis techniques, massage for labour and how to positively engage with the process. The aim being to eliminate fear and to facilitate the most natural birth possible.

Baby Massage and Parenting Course

This fabulous unique course is a life-saver combining two approaches; The International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) and The Parents in Partnership – Parent Infant Network (PIPPIN).

The formation of a supportive group enables the group members to develop a positive approach to parenting, building confidence and self-esteem. The group size is capped to ensure comfortable group dynamics and networking.

Research findings from 598 babies under 1-year found lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in massaged babies, with reduced crying and improved sleep patterns, than those that had not been massaged. All babies included in the research were taught by Health Professionals, Midwives or Health Visitors.

Baby massage reduces colic, and crying and post-natal depression, and can improve parent-baby relationships and sleep patterns.

The course is designed for one parent and baby to attend, however a second parent can attend at a 50% reduced course fee.

Yoga-Chi, Breathing and Relaxation Course

This course has been tried and tested for more than 20 years with fantastic results for hundreds of women. Yoga-Chi is so relaxing, with huge benefits for labour, birthing and parenting.

One of the first of its kind in the country when launched at Ipswich Hospital, the exercises are based on yoga, pilates and chi-kung with a strong emphasis on Breathing and Relaxation.

I have undertaken a Birthlight Diploma in Perinatal Yoga. Birthlight provides excellent courses on yoga for pregnancy, birth and post-natal recovery. These are subtly different to general yoga classes; postures are not held, the movement is like dancing, gentle, flowing posture and breath.

Active Birth Class

This session is designed for couples who want to learn simple strategies to maximise natural birth.
Learning simple exercises and positions to help the baby and mother get into the best possible position for birth.

An overview of the stages and process of labour enables a clear birth plan of how to engage with the process.

Packed with top tips, coping strategies and breathing 4 birth.

Breathing 4 Birth™

This unique technique is designed for pregnant women and their partners who want to learn effective breathing and relaxation techniques to facilitate both labor and birth.

Breathing 4 Birth™ not only significantly reduces the need for drug based pain management.


We have 4 lovely spacious double bedrooms located in the stunning Llyn Peninsula in North Wales.

You have your own guest entrance with a communal lounge and fully-fitted kitchen.

There is plenty of off-road parking and private access.

There are spectacular views of Criccieth Castle and Cardigan bay. It is a short walk to the beach, Criccieth town and castle, which offers all local amenities including a good range of shops, pubs and restaurants.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cân Y Môr (Welsh for "Song of the sea").

"...The location is just situated outside main area of Criccieth on a hill, with amazing views over Criccieth beach and castle.
The accommodation is to a high standard and each bedroom overlooks the garden and has a beach view.
Table and comfortable chairs on the patio allow you to chill outside..."

~ Ms G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Partners welcome?
A. Yes, partners can attend at no extra cost. There are room and pricing options for mum-to-be with and without your partner.

Q. Do you provide doolah services?
A. No, the Baby Lady offers education and support for you and your partner for your pregnancy, birth experience and early parenting transition.

Q. When should I book my pregnancy course?
A. Anytime after your 20 week scan.

Q. When is the ideal time to attend?
A. Ideally you should be between 28 - 36 weeks pregnant.

Q. Can I have personal therapies when I am at Cân Y Môr?
A. Yes, please see the list on the About page, prices on request. I can also offer one-to-one or couple-based services by separate negotiation.

Q. Do you provide food/cater for special dietary needs?
A. During the residential courses you will have access to a shared kitchen to prepare your own food. I will provide breakfast and a lunch during the programme. Criccieth and local towns have a variety of shops and nice restaurants, pubs and cafes that we can recommend.

Q. Do you have free parking spaces?
A Yes, we have ample parking at Cân Y Môr.

Q. Are the rooms En-suite
A. We have 4 rooms available, one of these rooms is en-suite which is available on a first-come basis with a supplement.

Q. Accessibility?
A. Yes, we are fully accessible.

Q. Is there free time and/or can I extend my stay?
A. The course has free time built into the programme to enable you to enjoy the surrounding area. You are very welcome to extend your stay depending on availability.

"Highly recommend this lady. Wish she was in Suffolk."



"Whether you are ready to book or still undecided, please get in touch and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have."
~ Jillian

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